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The rapid economic, political and social changes in Kenya today pose several challenges to our public secondary schools.

These demand that our institutions re-axamine their mandate and reasons to justify their existence in the communities.

The government in an effort to respond to the economic challenges faced by the parents in educating their children by allocating more funds to public institutions.

This will assist schools to retain and increase access to a larger number of students. However, the schools have a challenge of attracting and retaining quality students and teachers.

We in cheborge high school, like other public institutions in this country, are striving to market our school by attempting to built a good reputation on service delivery.

This will be achieved by improving on academic standards through quality teaching, improved physical facilities, good governance, prudent financial management and improve marketing website systems.

In this regard, therefore the BOG, along with PTA, will continue to provide the necessary support and leadership so as to ensure that the school survive in an increasingly competitive educational field.

Lastly, I wish to ask our parents and welt wishers to support us in order to attain better academic standards and raise funds that is necessary for the improvement and expansion of the school facilities.

Wilson Kipngeno Chirchir
Chairman BOG

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