Cheborge High School


To provide quality education to our students that will lead to the acquisition of sound academic foundation, life stalls and talents that will enable them to achieve their desired future training and career opportunities for quality life.

1 .Background history of the school

What is now Cheborge High school has a history which stretches back to the early parts of Independence days. The school was formerly an Intermediate primary school until
1967 when it was converted into an harambee mixed day secondary school. It was officially opened in 1968 by Mr. Njoroge Gitau, the then Deputy Chief education officer.
The school grew gradually to attain a 3- stream status in the provincial category.


It was divided into 2 schools Boys and Girls sections in 1994 and it is from then to date that they are registered separately as K.C.S.E Centres.
The boys section is 2 streamed with its classrooms and dinning hall while the girls school is 1
- streamed with their own classes and dinning Hall also.
The two schools in one share the following facilities:
- Playing field
- Computer and science laboratories
The 2 schools are runned by a principal, 2 deputy principals with one board of
Governors and PTA.
Ifs the wish of the parents and the school management that the school is finally
made a pure boys school for improved academic performance.


The school is a three streamed institution from form one to four, and total of 12 classes.
With the Ministry’s stipulated enrolment of 45 students per class, the total student population should be 540.
However the present population is slightiy less at 520 due to the following reasons:
ll} Dropout as a result of inability to pay fees
The rising popularity of day schools by parents arising from the free secondary education.
iii) The school’s demand by the provincial material entry marks is not high. The school admits children from various religions groups and ethnic groups after an eight-year primary cycle ending with KCPE examination.
However, the school ends up, admitting a few students from other ethnic groups but majority from within the district. The school is a mixed boarding provincial.


The total establishment is 52. There are 22 TSC teachers and 6 PTA teachers. A
total of 24 support staff.
About half of the teachers are housed in school.


The school offers a fairly broad curriculum by the Kenyan standards. They are as follows:



History & Government

Kiswahili Maths


Christian Religion Education




Drawing and design



Computer studies

Business studies


Physical education


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